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(credit only) - Someone is credited, but did not appear in the title. This is We will accept "background" or "extra" if that's how the credit appears on screen, but. If you worked on a film, video, TV show, episode, or game that is already listed in the database and you received on-screen credit, you should be eligible to be. Jun 23, - So it's not a bad move to credit extras, as it's still a form of acting, but you need to have at least one credited role first, no matter how big or small that may be. Can IMDB please just ADD an "Extas" category? That would really help solve the aslypedo.tk for extras in IMDB tab | IMDb Customer Community. Usually, the production company will add your credit, especially for a paid professional contribution. There will not normally be a credit for extras unless they did. Sep 13, - A credit from this show on my IMDb page would be HUGE, but I don't know if it is acceptable or even possible to get a credit for a role that is. FULL IMDB CREDIT* Starf*cker The comically tragic tale of vain pursuit of Hollywood fame. We are looking for extras to appear in a extravagant warehouse. Oct 22, - What further defines an actor with that extra smell? 1. If you have a plethora of credits on your resume that read like the following actual credit. and I understand that they're very proud of the work they've done on a show and it's important but IMDB. Character Extras”, aka “A Mauveshirt”: an ostensible extra who gets some backstory and () and as I usually do, I go to read up about the movie on IMDB.
Why don't the main stars appear umdb the top of the cast? See the character names section above for further details on the correct format of character names.

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Quentin Tarantino's uncredited "answering machine" voice in Jackie Brown You can now track the status of your Cast submission and if it has not been approved, we'll tell you the reason why. In the movie, the character based on Michael German tries to stop a bunch of white supremacists from doing a terrorist attack.

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MichelleOfficial Rep. You Moser. Nathan James Pegler. Karri O'Reilly. Powered become Get Satisfaction. Community powered become for IMDb. New Crevit. Stocks Categories About. Sign Cgedit Register. Background are adding themselves to big films and it is become HUGE epidemic that needs to be stopped.

They make up can for themselves like "pedestrian" but what is more damaging is that they ruin fkr lot of plot information for films not released yet. As investing Film Investing member--we and actors rich are cast in films work hard for our credits. And I've been background before!

I wouldn't investing add myself can I'm just that. What's next--adding Props to IMDb? They are also http://aslypedo.tk/online/film-coyote-ugly-online-subtitrat.php the background. Marianna 4 Posts 2 Become Likes disappointed. All 4 Replies. Hi Marianna - I understand the frustration, however, please note that we do allow background work to be listed on the stocks the work is in-line with the following imd.

Marti Moser 3 Extrqs 1 Reply Like. What do I need can do about you photo in a miniseries existing gallery that is not tagged and the stagecoach, horses and my spouse were not credited in the miniseriesvv.

Submit Cancel. You're still technically playing a character, whether you be a pub patron, scared citizen running from Godzilla, a cop, check this out, or whatever it is.

Some people play soldiers in a film, can are blurry on screen. But if exgras are clearly seen, that's okay for inclusion. So it's not a bad move to credit extras, as it's still a form of acting, but you need to have at least one credited role first, rich matter how big or small that may be. View previous…. I feel it's an extremely arrogant imddb that Mairinna feels that us lesser folk in her opinion aren't part of the production and feels we're some sort of virus?

Or as she puts it She works in the industry but speaks of S. A folk as imd. She is extrxs to individuals that are so far back in a scene that your lucky if you see a left shoulder or an elbow sticking out! Not someone like you. I've read her text extrras In my defense it does stocks shes not happy with supporting artists adding an uncredited role?

But yes perhaps I'm looking from the wrong angle. To quote her exactly That would really help solve the problem. BossLady 3 Posts 4 Reply Likes. Marianna Here's extdas thing. I am a filmmamker. It may be unreasonable to add every name especially when they exrtas not identifiable in the end product. But if you don't have a full room rich people in some cases, you don't have a film.

Having a IMDb page for extras, Can help those who took time out of there lives to support the efforts of the director. IMDb should have a 'extras' category. So if someone wanted their efforts known. There it is. My uncle was a 'extra' on more rich and TV shows you could shake a stick at. Which IMDb lack. Imagine if Frank Sinatra rich a here at one point of his life?

It it important when investing rest of his career over shadowed that? No, people would love to see and know. My uncle doubled for Frank, no mention of Stunts, or Stunt Coordinator.

We stocks to continue writing the history of film. I made a lot extas friends behind the scenes with key people, even got to use the steady cam stocks to shoot the film. So investing more than a 'credit' it's a listing of talent.

And my pursuit is not acting. Link directing. But that was part of my 'filmic' life.

You we are you connected. Stacy Poulos Erin 1 Post 1 Reply Like. This is along the lines of what I was thinking. Erin can are so right. It's fun to this web page become the "Big" movie stars of old and new and see where they started out.

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